Here in Portland we have 2 tournaments every month! The Mixer Tournament for players that want to play the game with new people, and the Competitive Clash to test your metal against organized teams with strategies and lots of practice.


Mixer Tournament

All Skill Levels - No Team Required!

Our monthly Mixer Tournament takes place on the FIRST SUNDAY of every month. Teams are chosen by captains using a draft pick, so you'll likely get to play with people you've never met or played with before. Games are also FREE during this tournament!

Competitive Clash

All Skill Levels / More Competitive - Teams of 5!

Our monthly Competitive Clash tournament takes place on the THIRD MONDAY of every other month. If you don't have a team of 5, that's okay! We'll find you a team with other solo players for you to play with the night of. Games are also FREE during this tournament!